Strength Classes

Challenge Your Body

Strength training is a workout that uses resistance or weight training to challenge the body and increases muscle mass, bone density and overall function of the body. All people can participate in a strength training routine that is just for them.

Manage Chronic Conditions

Consistent strength training can help manage high blood pressure, blood sugar and Hdl cholesterol

Increase Mobility

Using joints in multiple ranges of motion can increase overall health in the body.

Enhance Quality of Life

By strengthening your body and maintaining muscle mass, you can enjoy daily activities with your friends and family. Your energy will increase as your body gets stronger and more mobile.

Increase Muscle Mass

A great benefit of consistent strength training is the increase in muscle mass which leads to greater calorie burn, less pain and more energy.

Group strength session at well studio with students squatting while holding dumbbells in each hand.

Why Is Strength Training Important?

A group of woman lean backwards while holding a strap wrapped around a bar during strength class.
As we age, having a strong body can help us in many ways. Perhaps the two most important are:

  1. Improves Posture: Strength training can contribute significantly to improving and maintaining good posture. Consistent stretching, ergonomic adjustments, and conscious effort to maintain good posture throughout the day are also crucial components of an overall approach to posture improvement.

  2. Increase Blood Flow: Strength training can indeed contribute to increased blood flow, benefiting both cardiovascular health and the muscles being trained. To maximize the blood flow benefits of strength training, consider the following tips:
    • Include Compound Movements: Compound exercises that engage multiple muscle groups, such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, require more effort and lead to increased blood flow.
    • Circuit Training: Incorporate circuit training, where you move quickly between different exercises with minimal rest. This can help maintain an elevated heart rate and promote blood circulation.
    • Consistency: Regular and consistent strength training is key to reaping the long-term cardiovascular benefits.
    • Balanced Training Program: Combine strength training with cardiovascular exercises for a well-rounded fitness program that promotes overall cardiovascular health.

Strength Training Classes Are Good for Health.

Popular Strength Classes

Group of sporty people practicing various yoga positions during training.

Recovery & Stretch

This is a beginner friendly class for all levels, ages, and lifestyles. It is particularly great for athletes looking for supportive recovery and for anyone wanting to be guided through active release methods. This includes work with hard balls and foam rollers to release muscle tissue and gentle stretching to open and release tight areas throughout the body. You will leave breathing fuller, feeling freer, and smiling more!

Group of women engaged in barre exercises in a fitness studio to improve strength.

Absolute Barre

This barre class uses the Absolute Barre format. All levels are welcome, but be prepared to stretch and strengthen your full body. You will go through both seated and standing exercises, using props as well as your body weight. You will feel the burn, while also feeling the supportive energy of those around you. This class is barefoot or optional grip socks.
Happy sportswomen giving high five while doing plank exercise.

Body Sculpt

This class will strengthen and tone your entire body, emphasizing technique and form with each exercise. We hope to send you home from each class feeling stronger and healthier than ever before! Wear supportive shoes please. Weights and all other props are provided.

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