Personal Training

Training for Your Style

If you’re considering incorporating personal training into your fitness routine, it’s essential to find a style that aligns with your goals, preferences, and personality. We will help you do just that…establish an individualized program specific to you and your goals!

Improve Flexibility

Improving flexibility involves incorporating specific stretches and exercises into your routine.

Muscles Strength

Building muscle strength involves a combination of resistance training, proper nutrition, and adequate recovery.

Improves Posture

Strength training can contribute significantly to improving and maintaining good posture while building bone density.

Increase Blood Flow

 Strength training can indeed contribute to increased blood flow, benefiting both cardiovascular health and the muscles being trained.

Personal Trainer watches as students lean forward to pull weights with arm straps.

What is Personal Training?

Personal training generally is a one-on-one fitness coaching relationship between a certified fitness professional and an individual seeking personalized guidance in their exercise routine. The primary goal of personal training is to help clients achieve specific fitness objectives, whether it be weight loss, muscle building, improved athletic performance, or overall health and wellness.

A personal trainer typically assesses the client’s current fitness level, health status, and goals to design a customized workout plan. They provide instruction on proper exercise techniques, create a structured and progressive workout routine, and offer guidance on nutrition and lifestyle choices that complement the fitness goals.

A personal trainer on the ground encouraging student to hold legs up balancing on just an arm.

Personal trainers also play a motivational and supportive role, helping clients stay committed to their fitness journey. The level of personalization and attention to detail distinguishes personal training from group fitness classes or independent workouts, as the trainer can adapt the program to the individual’s needs, monitor progress, and make adjustments as necessary.

What Is our Brand of Personal Training?

Our training philosophy revolves around a unique and individualized approach, centering on the principles of functional movement. In our programs, we recognize and cater to the diverse needs of each participant, tailoring exercises and routines to align with their specific abilities, goals, and challenges. Emphasizing functional movement, our training methodology aims to enhance practical and everyday activities, fostering improved strength, flexibility, and coordination. By focusing on movements that mimic real-life tasks, our participants not only experience physical transformations but also develop a heightened awareness of their bodies and movement patterns. Our training sessions are designed to empower individuals to move more efficiently and confidently in their daily lives, promoting a sustainable and personalized fitness journey.

All of our instructors and trainers are fully certified, and The Well Studio is a certified fitness facility with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America.

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Your Personal Trainer Will Encourage You

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

We offer regularly scheduled semi-private strength and Pilates classes, which have a capacity of four students to maintain the personalized approach that personal training provides, while giving our students the opportunity to bond with others in the community. Private training offers more undivided attention from our trainers along with increased motivation to commit to your health, and maximum personalization, while semi-private training offers similar benefits with the added opportunity to enjoy movement with others while still receiving more focused attention than in a large group setting.

Private training at our studio comes in many forms, from strength training to Pilates to yoga. Whichever format interests you, we will always go through the process of matching you with a trainer that fits your goals, personality, and availability.

Our group classes allow us to host formats such as Absolute Barre, Ujam, and more in a larger capacity so that we may reach more students. These classes are open to at least 10 people per session, with a maximum of 25 if the format is compatible with a large group. The benefits include boosted morale and energy levels, more community building opportunities, consistency in scheduled offerings, and access to a variety of class styles and teachers.

We carefully match individuals with trainers who not only align with their availability but also possess expertise addressing the unique goals of each participant. Once paired, participants can expect consistency in their training experience with the same knowledgeable and supportive trainer. This approach fosters a strong trainer-participant relationship, allowing for a deeper understanding of individual needs, preferences, and progress.

We recommend working with a trainer for two to three months initially to get grounded in a training regime. We’ll guide you into a routine, help you master your form and build the confidence to keep going on your own. We often see students who will work with a trainer for a few months, then workout and take classes on their own for many months, later coming back for some new routines, a boost in motivation and a nudge to level up.

Semi-private, 1-on-1 sessions and group fitness offer distinct styles, each carrying unique benefits for individuals. The personalized focus of 1-on-1 sessions allows for tailored guidance, addressing specific needs and goals. On the other hand, group fitness fosters a dynamic environment, promoting camaraderie and motivation. Striking a balance between the two can yield comprehensive results, combining the precision of individualized training with the energy and support of a group setting for a holistic and rewarding fitness journey.

Of course! Once working with a trainer you should gain more knowledge of movement allowing you to safely return to class. You may also take a class and decide you’d like to learn more and go deeper into the methods behind every movement.

This is a big deal from an industry perspective! This means that we are a certified fitness facility with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America. These are the gold standard fitness authorities and we’re proud to be fully approved as a certified facility and provider.

National Academy of Sports Medicine logo.Athletics and Fitness Association of America logo.

All of our instructors and trainers are fully certified, with many of them holding multiple certifications. In general, our trainers hold NASM - CPTs and our instructors hold AFAA (Group Fitness), Balanced Body (Pilates) and Yoga Alliance (Yoga) certifications. These certifications are prepared to design exercise and conditioning programs that are scientifically valid and based on clinical evidence. They provide the guidance to help our students achieve their personal health, fitness and performance goals via the implementation of exercise and mindfulness programs along with suggested lifestyle modifications.

Anchored in the art of yoga, we believe we are all on a learning journey.  At no stage of life have we mastered being.  We are constantly learning and in such, always starting with a growth mindset as a student of life.

Interested in a Complimentary Training Session?

Not sure about working with a trainer?  Or, simply not sure where to start?  Let us help you!  Grab a training orientation pass and we’ll help you schedule a time to meet with a trainer for a complimentary session!

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What Members Say About Our Personal Trainers

Person laying on back with arms in straps pulling weights while looking up at Well Studio logo.
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"Ramsey helped me become stronger and feel empowered. She is encouraging, provides clear instructions, and tailors each session to my goals. After a few trainings, I gained 1lb of muscle and can now squat 85lb. A friend was shocked at how strong I am. I highly recommend Ramsey if you want to look and feel your best!"
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"Ramsey has taught me so many things that I use in everyday life, not just at the gym, like breath and core importance. She knows when to push me and when to still give me a great workout when I’m not at my best. She’s absolutely amazing!!"
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"I can’t say enough about how much Ramsey has taught me; from the importance of warming up and loosening joints to positioning based on body composition as well as short focused workouts to get results for a busy lifestyle. Everyone needs a personal trainer!"