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Offering a dynamic blend of Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Strength and Cardio Training, plus traditional Gym Equipment.

Go Beyond Yoga with a Well Studio Built Just for You!

A one-of-a-kind holistic focused yoga & strength studio for graceful aging rooted in sustainable fitness techniques. A place for you to feel empowered, inspired, and supported by some of the most experienced and talented instructors teaching yoga & strength in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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A split comparison of gym membership versus well studio to show the benefits of yoga plus strength.

Why Yoga+Strength?

Well, what does the research say?  A yoga practice not only increases our flexibility, sports performance, mental focus, stress relief, lung capacity, longevity, endurance, and strength; but it also assists in injury prevention.  One way to incorporate both exercises together into a yoga and strength training routine is by using yoga as your warm up to strength training. The best way to do this is to ensure your yoga practice for warm ups focuses on active mobility instead of passive flexibility. Yes, you can do Yoga and gym together (by gym workouts we mean strength training sessions or classes).

Close up of smiling yoga student holding a dumbbell for strength training with more in background.

As we age, we have to work a bit harder to maintain muscle mass.  Our functional fitness is at the core of doing everything we want to physically be able to do in life and our strength is what provides us the ultimate freedom to do it all.  In a recent meta-analysis combining 16 studies and data from over 1.5 million subjects, muscle-strengthening activities were associated with almost a 20 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, lung cancer and all-cause mortality. American physician Dr Frank Lipman says maintaining muscle mass is crucial for overall health and longevity, and calls it “muscle currency”. As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass and strength.  We are here to guide you on your journey to maintain YOUR muscle currency!

Popular Studio Classes

Our unique approach combines Yoga with strength training to enhance your functional wellness. Whether you prefer group, small-group, or private sessions, we’ve got you covered. Join us for a transformative fitness experience that will leave you feeling energized and balanced!

A group of students on mats doing yoga poses during a typical yoga class.

Yoga Classes

A class to move you, challenge you and remind you how strong you are! A fluid mindful flow with yoga basics, and a full body strength workout using hand weights and body weight. Space is limited so sign up online! 

Pilates instructor guides students who are on knees with hands behind head gripping resistance bands.

Pilates Classes

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural, alignment and flexibility. Although pilates exercises are generally full body, pilates moves tend to target your core most.

Two women on the ground doing strength training exercises while their personal training coaches them.

Strength Classes

Enhance your quality of life by strengthening your body and maintaining muscle mass. Your energy will increase as your body gets stronger, giving you more mobility to enjoy daily activities with your friends and family.

House with trees and grass around it with writing on the picture advertising a Half day yoga retreat.

Awaken Your Soul

Expand your horizons with our specialty classes, workshops & retreats that will leave you feeling renewed, empowered & gratified. Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletters for exclusive offers & early bird specials.

Conveniently Located in the Heart of the Tri-Valley Area

The Well Studio in Dublin, CA is a place to connect, get strong, and grow as a community.

It is our mission to hold space and be the place where you nourish your body with exercise through yoga and strength training, mindfulness, and nutrition. We believe that when people feel their best, they create healthier, more supportive communities.

The source of our inspiration is each other, and we circle up at The Well to support each other to be well and continue to get healthier, stronger, and more connected to ourselves and our communities.

Our Instructors Are the Heart of the Well Studio Experience

Ron K.

Co-Owner & Wellness Advocate

Gillian E.

Manager, Trainer & Instructor

Ramsey S.

Personal Trainer & Instructor

Members Say... "It's a Fitness Studio Like no Other!"

Two members of Well Studio in a yoga pose holding hands above heads to form a heart over studio logo.
Kathy S.
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“The Well Studio is a "gem", not a gym! This place and its people are fantastic - - from being greeted at the door, to working out. Feeling so cared for and appreciated, and energized when you leave. The staff is incredibly helpful and kind and is always to lend a helping hand and to give an encouraging word. The facility is very well-maintained. I can't say enough about the positivity that flows through the well and the people here - staff and members alike. It has been said that things start at the top, and that is certainly true at the Well Studio...and it flows all the way down to your toes! The Well Studio is one of a kind!!! Try it and see for yourself; You won't be disappointed!"
Stacey M.
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"I’m totally blissed out! I took a restorative flow with Alexis this eve and it definitely calmed my nerves after a very stressful work day! The practice was very mindful on the breath. The use of props is such a treat to just melt into the asanas. To slow down, to focus on your breath was what my body needed today. Loved Alexis’ gentle guidance through today’s practice."
Kim L.
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"Teresa’s UJAM classes are so much fun! It’s like a big dance party and is suitable for anyone who wants to move in a variety of ways to good music! She’s a fabulous instructor and I love her positive energy."
Milena P.
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"The Well Studio in Dublin is my calm and happy place. A wonderful sanctuary."
Julie N.
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"I’m so thankful to have found this place. They have amazing yoga classes with very experienced instructors who are well versed in all types of yoga."
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"The Well Studio is by far the most comfortable and inclusive 'gym' I have been to. The welcome feeling you get and connection you feel with their staff and instructors makes you want to be there. I also appreciate the 'above and beyond' they offer for whole body health. Nutrition services, massage, meditation events, workshops on health, etc. I am so very grateful for The Well Studio and all they offer to help me feel strong, empowered, accepted and like I’m thriving!"
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"So glad to have discovered The Well Studio. Place is clean, staff professional with a variety of classes from yoga, pilates, cardio. The instructors are fun, energetic and get the vibe going! Place cost a little more but definitely worth it for a place where you can actually enjoy taking a class and feel welcome!"
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"More than strength training, yoga and workout machines. It is a community of professionals who thrive on helping each client to grow both body & mind. This is the 1st fitness establishment that I truly feel like ‘I belong’.”

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